Expert Coaching

With the Humaniza Campus Expert Coaching program, you will be able to update and develop your key skills as an ICF coach. This program is aimed at coaches who want to improve their professional performance and also for those who are in the process of renewing their ICF certification as an ACC, PCC or MCC coach; granting 38 CCE credits.

The program consists of:

  • 10 hours of Mentor Coaching (mentoring and practical coaching supervision) of which four are individual and six are group.
  • 16 hours of training in Core Competencies (8 ICF Key Competencies)
  • 12 hours of Resource Development that will be taught in four modules: Neurocoaching, Agile Coaching, Theatrical interpretation tools applied to coaching and Talent Coaching.

This program offers the coach a renewed space with the latest methodological trends in professional coaching, through expert training and mainly practical learning, in addition to having the individual and group Mentor & Coach supervision required by the ICF for the renewal of certifications.

  • Train with us and enhance your professional career!

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