Top Growth Leader

Leading is no longer managing teams from authority. Now companies demand Top Leaders capable of maintaining curiosity, asking powerful questions that invite reflection and action and knowing how to use silence to give way to other perspectives. Creating Top Leaders is the objective of the new Humaniza Campus program. 

The "Top Growth Leader" program is designed for leaders who want to improve their management skills and strengthen their leadership and thus make a difference in their teams and organizations. The program offers comprehensive and practical training based on the latest trends and best practices in conversational leadership.

Through dynamics, exercises and tools, participants acquire knowledge and skills to lead with confidence and effectiveness. The approach includes aspects such as a culture of growth in leadership, management of high-performance teams, strategic decision making, and assertive and persuasive communication.

Top Growth Leader guides participants in the transformation from boss to inspirational leader, providing skills to lead teams to success and unleash their potential.

The main objectives of the program are:

  • Develop a leadership identity based on individual strengths.
  • Use talents to establish relationships of trust with collaborators and teams.
  • Increase team commitment and performance.
  • Establish individual and team conversations with purpose and clear structure.
  • Practice and master coaching conversations that inspire growth and collaboration.

This program focuses on encouraging leadership behavior and not just teaching the skills. It is focused on practical application in the work environment to achieve quick results. Leadership is built and practiced, and when combined with the talents of the team, its impact is amplified.

With this program you will acquire the 7 capabilities of a Top Leader:

  • Build strong relationships. Make connections with others to build trust, share ideas, and get work done.
  • Develop people. Help others be more effective by developing their strengths, maintaining clear expectations, in a motivated manner and continuous training.
  • Lead the change. Recognize that change is essential, set goals for change, and direct determined efforts to align work to the vision.
  • Inspire others. Motivate others through positivity, vision, confidence, challenge and recognition.
  • Critical thinking. Search for the necessary information, evaluate it critically, apply the knowledge acquired and solve problems.
  • Communicate clearly. Listen, share information concisely and with purpose, and be open to hearing opinions.
  • Create accountability. Identify the consequences of the actions taken and hold oneself and others responsible for each action.

It is a very complete program that combines individual and group coaching sessions, technology and partnership support.

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